Short concept

A framed digital canvas takes you into the traditional art museum world. Small moving agents rotate around the screen and are told to construct paintings of the old masters. A constant spinning and whirling of lines on the screen results in a rather slow buildup of recognizable paintings. But as the small painting agents are bound to their inner algorithm, they have no memory, and often continue painting over their own drawing. This leads to a constant construction and destruction of the image. The canvas shows unfinished fragmented versions of the original paintings as a result and leaves the question of the ability to transport old art pieces into the digital domain.

In public

The project has been selected as a Jury Recommended Work in the art division of the 10th Japan Media Arts Festival and will be exhibited February 24 to March 4, 2007 at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

It was shown at the Live Herring 2006 exhibition in Jyväskylä, Finland (16.-19.Nov).


by evsc / 2006

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